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Rolled Coin Trays

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Metal Roll Tray -- Dimes -- Green
$9.99 $7.99
Large Capacity Plastic Tray for Cent Rolls
$14.59 $10.29
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Plastic Tray for Nickel Rolls
$10.79 $8.59
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Plastic Tray for Dime Rolls
$10.79 $8.59
Large Capacity Plastic Tray for Half Dollar Rolls
$16.35 $13.09
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Plastic Tray for Small Dollar Rolls
$10.80 $8.59
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Large Capacity Plastic Tray for Small Dollar Rolls
$16.35 $13.09
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Coin Roll Trays

Versatile coin roll trays come in regular and large capacity sizes. Our durable plastic and sturdy aluminum coin trays hold cent, dime, nickel and quarter rolls securely. For quick identification, the colors of the coin roll trays match the colors of the various coin wrappers. Impact-resistant, plastic coin trays interlock for convenient stacking capabilities, and their special handles are designed for easy transport. The anodized aluminum coin roll trays are built to last but lightweight enough to carry. Organize your rolled coins in colored coin trays that are clearly marked with the coin denomination.

Large Capacity Coin Roll Trays Simplify Organization

Coin storage, classification, and tracking are simplified with large capacity coin roll trays. An extra capacity plastic coin tray can store up to 25 dollars in rolled cents, 100 dollars in nickels, 200 dollars in dimes, and 300 dollars in quarters. When you purchase several large capacity coin roll trays, you can connect them for more efficient movement and storage. With additional slots and more room for coin rolls, these trays are a smart buy for retail businesses, dealers and collectors.

Store and Count Faster with Plastic Coin Roll Trays

Color coded plastic coin roll trays stack coinage conveniently. You will know the total capacity and specific denomination inside each plastic coin tray. Built to last, these coin storage options keep rolled coins in slots, ready for quick retrieval. Available in standard and oversized capacities, plastic coin roll trays ensure the contents, from wrapped cents to quarters, stay in place. They are the handiest, most economical way to stow and count your coins. Also see our coin wrapping machines to take advantage of another great time saver!