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Gold Coin Books

You won’t find a more extensive selection of gold coin books than at Wizard Coin Supply. The mystery, the passion, the history! Gold coins hold some of the most fascinating stories in the world.

Delve into a mystery read and learn about the only known 1933 twenty-dollar Double Eagle, get lost in the history of the California Gold Rush, or travel imaginary seas along with sunken ships carrying gold treasure.

If you’re of a more practical bent, there’s quite a selection of handy guides and gold coin books for you as well. Whether you’re looking for the official Red Bookof U.S. gold coinage auction records or want to play coin detective and learn about counterfeits in gold coins, search no further.

Double Eagle fans will find a treasure trove of resource materials in Wizard’s stock of gold coin books. Check out the insider’s guide to Type 1 Double Eagles or the Red Book guide to Double Eagle coins.

Determine the Value of US Gold Coins with Wizard’s Gold Coin Books

For a ‘priceless’ addition to your coin collection library, we suggest you peruse Wizard’s selection of gold coin books to help you determine the value of your gold coins.

You will not find a more comprehensive coverage of gold coinage auction sales of recent years than in the Official Red Book of auction records: U.S. gold coinage, 2003-2007. You’ll also find our coin price guides will become well-thumbed favorites. For older gold coins, check out the encylopedias of U.S. minted gold coins and the reference guides for the Dahlonega, Carson City and New Orleans mints.

If gold is your particular obsession, make room on your bookshelf – with Wizard’s magically low prices, you won’t be able to resist adding a few of these gold coin books to your reference library.