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Stamp Collecting Books

2024 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Volume 2 (Countries C-F)
$149.99 $112.99
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2025 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Volume 2 (Countries C-F)
$154.99 $112.99
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2024 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Volume 5 (Countries N-Sam)
$149.99 $112.99
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2024 Scott U.S. Specialized Values by Grade
$39.99 $31.99
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How to Collect Stamps
$19.95 $14.99
100 Greatest American Stamps
$29.95 $22.49

Stamp Collecting Books to Thrill the Philatelist in You

Enter into the exciting world of stamps with any one of our outstanding selection of stamp collecting books. Whether you’re a veteran philatelist or a novice collector, you’re sure to find just the right guide to complement your needs at Wizard.

For as long as there have been postage stamps, people have loved collecting them. The very first stamps were issued in Great Britain in 1840. The United States’ first stamp was issued in 1847, featured Benjamin Franklin, and cost five cents.

If you’re new to stamp collecting, we’ve got the perfect book for you. “How to Collect Stamps” is an affordable yet comprehensive overview of the topic, chock-full of tips for collecting American or international stamps, and even includes a philatelic dictionary. Even if you’re an experienced stamp collector, you’ll find yourself referring to this handy and informative guide time and again.

Shopping at Wizard Coin Supply for all of your stamp collecting needs is so convenient and budget-friendly, you’ll want to bookmark us as your go-to online spot for all of your stamp collecting supplies.

Books About Stamp Collecting Tell Intriguing Stories

Books about stamp collecting are filled with drama, intrigue, and history. Each stamp in your collection tells its own rich story; the places it has traveled, how it was conceived, possibly marking an indelible moment in a country or individual’s history. Each one carries its own value, monetary or sentimental.

The H.E. Harris company, known for its quality Harris coin albums and other coin collection supplies, is also renowned for superior philatelic products. Their award-winning annual US/BNA postage stamp catalog is a must-have for any serious stamp collector, with virtually every stamp identified and valued, and thousands of illustrations and up-to-date information.

Every item we carry, from coin price guides to our wide selection of philatelic sleeves, has been carefully chosen by our resident experts after thorough research, so you can trust the products you buy from us. It’s guaranteed – you’re in magically good hands at Wizard Coin Supply.