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Metal SAFE
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Silica Gel Unit (40 Grams)
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Silica Gel Unit (450 Grams)
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Silica Gel Unit (750 Grams)
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Silica Gel Unit (900 Grams)
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Coin Preservation Supplies

Wizard Coin Supply ranks number one in coin preservation supplies among numismatic enthusiasts. We carry countless products to help you keep your collection in fine form, from coin flips made of coin-safe mylar, to precision handling tools, to our Air-Tite holders that fit the most popular coin sizes without the need of rings.

Check out our line of Intercept Shield storage boxes. Each sturdy storage box is lined with the breatkthrough Intercept-Shield technology, a neutralizing agent that cleanses the air surrounding your coins to prevent corrosion. The boxes store ten smaller boxes which are sized to hold individual slabs, for double protection.

The many expert coin wizards who developed these cutting-edge coin preservation methods have made sure that you and your coins are in excellent hands when you shop at Wizard Coin Supply.

Preserve Your Coin Collection the Wizard-Tested Way

Preserve your coin collection with the very finest in handling and storage products from Wizard. Our coin experts have searched far and wide for the very best in quality at the lowest possible prices, and brought them to you, our valued customers.

Take a look at our line of Snaplock-style cases, for example. Designed for convenient viewing and long-term protection, all of our snaplock cases are PVC-free and manufactured with inert ingredients that have been tested for coin safety.

We keep coin preservation in mind with every product we offer at Wizard. Years of scientific study have gone into the items we provide to keep our customers’ treasures safe. Even our coin wrappers, acid-free coin envelopes, and polyethylene storage bags are designed to eliminate coin damage and wear.

Any product we provide that comes into contact with your valuable coins is tested and approved for the safety and preservation of your collection by our resident coin wizards, who are proud to say they share your passion for the numismatic world.