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Binders for Coin Pages

Supersafe Deluxe Archival 3-Ring Binder
$47.95 $35.99
Supersafe Deluxe Archival Slip Case
$47.95 $35.99
Supersafe Standard Binder
$23.00 $17.29
Supersafe King Size 3-Ring Binder
$27.95 $20.99
Lighthouse Grande Binder and Slipcase
$46.95 $39.89
Lighthouse Grande F Binder
$27.95 $23.79
Lighthouse Vario Black Banknote Album
$43.95 $37.39
Lighthouse Optima Coin Motif Album
$46.95 $39.89

Coin Binders

Whether you’ve already got a favorite brand for your collecting needs or you want to create your own album, Wizard Coin Supply has the coin binders you need. Most collectors will quickly decide on their favorite “look” for collecting, and many trusted name brands carry attractive lines of coin albums and binders.

For example, the Whitman coin album line is known for its distinctive dark blue leatherette covers with gold embossed lettering. A collection of these fine albums and coin folders, all with the same Whitman signature style, will make a very handsome appearance for your album shelves. The decision about which brand album or coin binder to use is based on a combination of needs for particular size of album, number of pages desired, affinity for a brand name’s other coin collecting products, and simple style preferences. Many brands offer a choice of sizes in pages and binder width so the final choice may come down to aesthetics or color. If you prefer green, the Littleton Coin Company is recognized for its elegant green leatherette look, with gold embossed lettering. And the Lighthouse brand offers a mix of rich, dark hues in red, green, blue, and black.

Most coin binders come in 3-ring options, and can hold a variety of pages. Blank binders are ideal for collectors who want to mix-and-match different types of coins, combine coin and currency together in one binder, or display other collectible items. No matter what you’re looking for, Wizard is sure to have the perfect solution to your coin binder and other coin supply needs.