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Coin Tongs

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Plastic Tweezer (5 Inch)
$1.10 $0.89
Tweezer (8 Inch)
$4.95 $3.79
Lighthouse Coin Tongs
$7.95 $6.79
Lighthouse Wide Grip Coin Tongs
$16.95 $14.39
$7.45 $5.59
$2.95 $2.29

Coin Tongs

Coin tongs are a good tool for handling coins around the rim, sparing contact with the surface of the coin. Coin tongs are a popular choice for collectors who are dipping their coins into cleaning solvents or other liquids, which we do not recommend doing unless you are absolutely certain that you are not harming your coins in the process.

In addition to coin tongs and coin trays, we have a wide selection of coin storage and coin collection supplies at Our price matching policy guarantees that you will never pay more when you buy from us. If you are having problems locating the coin collection supplies you seek, simply ask Razi, our coin supply wizard. A member of our staff will be happy to assist you.

Coin Trays

Coin trays are great for collectors who handle a large volume of rolled coins. Coin trays make sorting and stacking rolled coins much easier and collectors enjoy their convenience and stability when boxing coins. Coin trays are usually color coded to match the corresponding color of the coin rolls they are meant to hold.

If you are looking for coin trays, coin magnifiers, silica gel desiccant or any other coin collection supply, is where you’ll find it.