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Whitman Coin Folders

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Whitman Folder 9041: Cents Plain
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Whitman Folder 9042: Nickels Plain
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Whitman Folder 9043: Dimes Plain
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Whitman Coin Folders

If there’s a “gold” standard in coin collecting, it’s Whitman Publishing. Whitman coin folders and coin albums are, to put it simply, the best there is. Time-tested by thousands of collectors, Whitman products are known for their durability, superior coin protection, and sophisticated presentation. Instantly recognizable by their distinctive blue leatherette covers with gold embossed lettering, Whitman’s exceptional craftsmanship is matched only by its functional ease of use. Each album is equipped with two screw-posts and thumb notches for easy addition or removal of pages to easily customize your own personal collection.

Whitman carries an album for just about every conceivable collectible coin, from half-cents (1793-1857) to dimes and quarters to every kind of dollar coin, including American Eagle silver dollar coins and Presidential dollars. If you collect unusual coins or even certain types of medals, look no further – Whitman has an album just for you. Do you have an eye for commemorative half-dollars? Silver rounds? First spouse medals? Casino dollar tokens? Whitman has an exceptional album to store and display them in.

What if you want to combine different coins into the same album, or you collect a coin or medal that does not have its own specific Whitman album? With Whitman’s remarkable breadth of album choices, that would be a rarity, but there is a solution should this challenge present itself to you. Try the Whitman universal album, and mix and match from many sizes of insertable Whitman blank pages to create your dream album. Eight different set coin sizes are available, plus blank pages with capacity to hold coins sized from 16mm to 55mm. Each universal album holds 7-8 pages.

We wizards stock Whitman supplies because as coin enthusiasts ourselves, we recognize and appreciate quality craftsmanship when we see it. And we want to pass it on to you, our valued customers, at the lowest possible prices.