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Counterfeit Detection

Bill Fivaz's Counterfeit Detection Guide
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Numismatic Forgery
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Counterfeit Coin Detection

Learning the art of counterfeit coin detection can not only help avoid making a huge buying mistake but also unlock the fascinating world of these unusual "coins" whether they were made as contemporary counterfeits to be passed as ordinary coins or are more recent knockoffs of rare dates and varieties.

At Wizard Coin Supply, we have the resources and coin books to help you learn about the exciting topic of coin forgery and the private manufacture of rare coins.

You'll soon be able to discern the difference between a genuine rare coin and a counterfeit as you study coin grading techniques in our value-priced reference books.

Books that Help You Detect Counterfeit Coins

We carry an array of books that help you detect counterfeit coins. We have all the essentials you'll need, at guaranteed low prices. We'll help you locate handy pocket references with clear snapshots and guides with diagnostic lists to help you determine whether the coins you have are the real thing or artful copies.

If your specialty is gold coins, we have reference books with large, full-color photographs which will help you establish the authenticity of your gold dollar coins or double eagles.

Save on Counterfeit Coin Detection Books

At Wizard Coin Supply, we pride ourselves on the fact that we bring you the widest selection of coin collection supplies, including counterfeit coin detection books, at the best discount prices. It's our promise to our valued customers. We understand your passion for numismatics – we're collectors ourselves.

Find the very best prices on books which will educate you on how to detect counterfeit coins and introduce you to the spellbinding world of coin forgeries.