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Applied Scientific Microscopes

Superior quality Applied Scientific Microscopes supply optical clarity and dependability. Our stereo zoom microscopes are precise devices with two eyepieces that deliver sharp images for detailed coin inspections. The zoom capabilities allow you to easily examine a specific area of interest on the coin, leading to improved error identifications. Each Applied Scientific microscope shares unique optic, illumination, and focusing features. Choose a magnification range, from 7x to 45x or from 10x to 30x, for in-depth examination of your coins. The microscope models also share user-friendly features, such as dual right and left zoom control, inclined heads, and illumination options. Microscopic coin examinations are beneficial in the identification of counterfeit and environmentally damaged pieces, as well as errors, overstrikes, mint marks, and surface conditions. Applied Scientific is a leading manufacturer of devices for scrupulous scientific investigations and measurements. Though these coin microscopes offer high-tech advantages, they are still economically priced.

Whether you are a dedicated collector, inquisitive hobbyist or coin professional, an Applied Scientific microscope supports the process of verifying rare and valuable coins. The coin’s unique characteristics, that may not be visible to the naked eye, are revealed. Review more coins, more carefully, and in less time with our stereo microscopes. If you’re a coin aficionado, we specialize in bringing you both advanced devices and basic coin handling equipment so you can excel at your trade or hobby.

In addition to our binocular microscopes from Applied Scientific, we offer the company’s trinocular model for digital photography applications. Get an up close image of coin errors with trinocular equipment. The versatile scientific tools you need and the coin supply brands you want are priced to beat the competition at Wizard Coin Supply, where customer service is a top priority.