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2005 Leather Redbook
$129.95 $110.49
2006 Leather Redbook
$129.95 $110.49
King of Eagles
$24.99 $24.99

Coin Books to Help You Enjoy Your Collection

Magically Low Prices on Leading Coin Books

An oft-quoted saying in numismatics is “Buy the book before the coin.” Taking the time to read and research coin books is often the first step in truly understanding and more fully appreciating the pieces that go into your coin collection. Studying up on the coin or series before you buy reduces the chances of later disappointment in your acquisitions. Moreover, knowledge about the history and background of the pieces you acquire takes your level of enjoyment to a higher level. Learn about numismatics with one of our comprehensive books about coin collecting.

Comprehensive Books Written by Expert Coin Collectors

There are many new coin books on the market today, as well as some old favorites that have been informing and guiding coin collectors for years. Our inventory starts with a broad selection of coin pricing and coin grading books that make the process of valuing and grading your collection manageable for even the most novice collector. First up is traditional favorite A Guidebook to United States Coins (a.k.a. the Red Book). For those wanting to learn even more about the series they collect, we have coin books for virtually every series and denomination. What's more, every coin book title in our inventory is available at a substantial discount to the typical retail price.

The Right Coin Book Can Help You Sharpen Your Eye

Many collectors are introduced to new coins and enhance their appreciation of familiar coins by browsing coin collector books for the first time. Variety identification is an acquired skill and one that is usually sharpened by reading and re-visiting your coin book library as you grow your collection. With so many varieties, denominations, series, mint marks and years to keep up with, good coin collecting guide books can make an overwhelming amount of information easily accessible to a motivated collector.

We have the most popular collector coin books available at discounts of at least 25% off standard retail prices. Whether you are trying to establish a knowledge base on which to build your collection or you are a seasoned collector looking to deepen your numismatic appreciation, we have the coin books and reference materials with the answers you seek. Need help choosing the right coin book? Confused about which coin albums are the best for your collection? Just contact Razi, our resident wizard. He'll be glad to help.