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Presidential Dollar Holders and Capsules

Whitman Small Dollar Snaplock, 2x2
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Air-Tite Holder - Ring Style - 26mm
$1.25 $1.13
US Mint Capsule -- Small Dollar
$12.50 $9.99
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Edgar Marcus Snaplock Holder -- George Washington
$1.99 $1.49
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Presidential Dollar Holders

With a limited minting period of just 90 days, each Presidential dollar is sure to become harder to locate in mint condition over time. Moreover, the manganese alloy used to make these small dollar coins tones quickly from even light handling. Get your Presidential dollar holders now to make sure these delicate pieces are kept in pristine condition for generations to come.

The United States Mint began minting Presidential gold dollar coins in 2007. These stunning, unique coins are fun to collect and beautiful to look at. We carry an assortment of Presidential coin holders to suit your individual needs for displaying these special coins.

The Intercept Shield brand is always a popular choice, with its patented core of a neutralizing formula that protects the air around your coins, preventing any damage or corrosion. All of the holders are made of a clear, non-PVC plastic to ensure superior coin protection and allow you to view both the obverse and reverse sides of your coins.

For double protection, store your Presidential coin holders in a high-quality coin storage box, with a reinforced exterior wrap to keep your coins extra safe.

Presidential Dollar Capsules for Superior Protection

If you prefer a capsule-style holder, Wizard has the Presidential dollar capsule for you. We carry both direct-fit and ring style Air-Tite capsules for any coin size, including the 26.5mm Presidential golden dollar.

The PVC-free ring capsules are constructed of clear acrylic and come with with Volara foam rings. The Air-Tite brand is commonly used in coin auctions, museum displays, and coin shows. Though the direct-fit capsule is preferable to some, many collectors use the ring style capsules instead because they like the professional look and the contrast between the color of the ring and the coin.

In addition, our Presidential dollar capsules, whether direct fit or ring style, offer commercial-grade protection for your prized coins, deterring corrosion, skin oils, and other contaminants from coming into contact with them.