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State Quarters Supplies

Whitman Quarter Snaplock, 2x2
$0.99 $0.79
Air-Tite Holder - Ring Style - 24mm
$1.15 $1.04
Capital Holder - Quarter, 2x2
$6.50 $5.19
Capital Holder - Quarter, 2.5x2.5
$5.60 $4.49
Capital Holder - Quarter, 2x3
$7.30 $5.89
Capital Holder - Quarter, 3.3x3.3
$10.40 $8.39

State Quarters

Many recent coin collections have started with an interest in collecting state quarters. In fact, many coin collections will end up as a compilation of state quarter books. Always a pleasing denomination to handle and view, state quarters can draw the attention of even passive observers with no particular interest in numismatics.

State Quarter Album

A great way to organize and maintain a collection of state quarters is with a state quarter albums. Because state quarters contain state-specific information on the coins, albums are an easy way to keep the coins organized and easily viewable.

State Quarter Holders

State quarter holders are an attractive means of displaying individual coins or groups of state quarters. All of the state quarter holders and other coin holders at are PVC-free and made from inert materials that are safe for long-term contact with your coins. If you are searching for state quarter folders or other coin supplies, please ask Razi and we will help you find what you need.

State Quarter Folders

Many state quarter folders offer detailed information about the state quarters that they hold, including facts about the states themselves as well as the coins. The state quarter series is only slated to run through 2009, so now is the time to ensure that your collection is complete.