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Littleton Album Large Cents 1793-1857
$32.95 $27.99
Littleton Album Lincoln Cents 1909-1958
$32.95 $27.99
Littleton Album Lincoln Cents 1959-2011
$32.95 $27.99
Littleton Album Lincoln Cents 2012-Date
$24.95 $21.19
Littleton Album Barber Dimes 1892-1916
$29.95 $25.49
Littleton Album Mercury Dimes 1916-1945
$29.95 $25.49
Littleton Album Barber Quarters 1892-1916
$29.95 $25.49
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Littleton Coin Albums

The classic green and gold colors of Littleton coin albums stand out on any collector’s bookshelf. Their signature leatherette covers and embossed lettering showcase the high quality of the brand that so many collectors know and trust.

The Littleton Coin Company was founded in 1945 by Maynard Sundman, a young man with a passion for coins. This family-owned company has maintained its commitment to quality over time, passing from father to son.

Years of careful research have yielded the very best in coin protection, so elegantly displayed. Each Littleton coin album offers PVC- and acid-free, archival quality pages that lie flat in a three-ring binder format, and are designed for convenience with easy removal of pages and slides.

As a collector, you face difficult decisions from time to time – which coins to invest in, whether or not to clean a coin – but investing in Littleton coin collection supplies is an easy choice – you know you’re in the best of hands.

Elegant and Economic Littleton Coin Folders

Littleton coin folders are classically elegant, yet affordable for the budget-conscious collector. There are few coin folders available that offer this kind of quality for so few of your spending dollars.

There are Littleton folders to house just about any coin; Barber and Mercury dimes, Jefferson nickels, Presidential dollars, and more.

Check out Littleton’s state quarter albums. Each distinctive green-and-gold album boasts individually labeled spaces for each of the 50 states and six D.C. and U.S. territories, with data about this special coin series included. The folder versions are compact and easily foldable, making them a convenient way to store and showcase your prized collection.