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Coin Albums

Lighthouse Grande Binder and Slipcase
$46.95 $39.89
Lighthouse Grande F Binder
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The Right Coin Albums Provide Protection

Coin albums not only provides an attractive way to display and safely view your collection but also can help prevent damage to your coins through improper storage or environmental contaminants. In addition to these basic requirements, collectors can choose between brands of coin albums based on the materials, style and color of the album. Here at Wizard Coin Supply, we offer discerning collectors an array of coin albums to organize and display their work. Some of our leading coin albums include:

  • Intercept Shield Albums

  • Dansco Albums

  • Whitman Classic Albums

  • Littleton Albums
  • We also bring you an expansive catalog of coin folders for those situations where a less expensive product is desired. Looking for a custom configuration to display your coins? Not to worry – We have a full line of binders, blank pages and slip cases to make your own custom album when no existing brand has the perfect pre-configured coin album for your collection. You’ve spent a lot of time and money (or will) building your coin or currency collection; make sure you are able to fully enjoy your endeavors by properly storing and displaying the result of your efforts.

    Coin Collecting Albums Make it Easy to View and Organize Your Collection

    The proper coin album for your collection can make the tasks of managing and growing your collection much easier. Albums are easily stored and transported and allow for quick visual verification of which pieces are in the collection already and which are still needed. For collectors who break traditional boundaries, coin collecting albums that can be easily expanded or lightened allow the flexibility to make fast customizations for display purposes or to simply re-organize a segment of coins. Whether you are searching for basic protection for your State Quarter or Presidential Dollar collections, simple coin wrappers, or an advanced archival quality coin storage solution for a more valuable collection, we have the coin supplies that you need.

    Find the Coin Albums You Need for Your Collection at

    Need help choosing the right coin album for your needs? Razi, our resident numismatist, is here to help. He’s happy to offer you help in choosing everything from the best coin storage solutions to state-of-the-art coin collecting software. Just contact him today!