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Currency Snaplocks

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BCW Currency Snaplock - Regular
$3.49 $2.59
BCW Currency Snaplock - Large
$4.49 $3.39

Currency Snaplocks

Find the perfect combination of storage protection and attractive display with Wizard’s selection of currency snaplocks. A collector’s challenge is in finding effective ways to safeguard your valuable banknotes without losing clear visibility. With our currency snaplocks, you can be sure your collection is being safely protected, and you’ll still be able to view your favorites whenever you wish.

Our BCW currency storage snaplocks utilize acid-free materials, with archival-quality polystyrene for two-sided crystal clear viewing. The precision-fit pieces snap together for a secure seal, offering premium long-term storage and protection. Modern (inside dimensions 2 11/16 × 6 3/16) and large (3 1/4 × 7 1/2) sizes available.

Some collectors prefer to store their banknotes in clear holders, some choose storage boxes, and others enjoy perusing the pages of an album. Check out our currency albums and currency sleeves for alternate ways to safely display your prized notes. No two collectors are the same, and your preferences will be as unique as you are. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place at Wizard Coin Supply, where we carry one of the most comprehensive selections of coin and currency supplies. No matter how you choose to store your collection, all of our customers agree that Wizard has the best prices out there for high quality coin collection supplies.