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Safe T

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Safe T Flips -- 2x2
$13.13 $9.79
Safe T Flips -- 2.5x2.5
$18.00 $13.49
Safe T Flips -- 3.5x3.5 -- 100 Pack
$45.00 $33.79
Safe T Mini Coin Album - 60 Pocket
$9.99 $7.49

Safe-T Coin Flips and Currency Sleeves

Safe T coin flips and currency sleeves are non-plasticized, with low levels of softeners, which makes them safer for your coins and currency than standard vinyl flips. Use Safe T when you want an economical choice that allows for crystal clear viewing and safer storage.

Safe T flips or sleeves are available in several different sizes, allowing for flexibility of choice, and they’re so affordable, you’ll want to stock up. In fact, all of the numismatic supplies offered at Wizard Coin Supply are listed at bargain basement prices, but without the dubious quality that other sites may provide at such low cost. You can trust that every product sold by Wizard has been thoroughly researched by experienced coin experts – it’s like having a mentor at your fingertips.

Safe-T Flips are the Clear Choice

Choose Safe T flips in packs of 100 or 500 – with or without inserts – for one of the most economical ways to store and display your collection. This way you can focus your time, energy, and cash on what really counts – the growth and maintenance of your coins.

For extra protection, many collectors first snap their coins into a direct-fit coin capsule such as a Kointain or Air-Tite brand, then place the capsule into the Safe T flip. This offers superior defense against corrosive elements that may harm your coins.

Safe-T Sleeves Offer Affordable Protection

Try Safe T sleeves for affordable currency storage, in fractional, medium, and large sizes as well as other sizes for world paper money and other paper collectibles.

It has been said that only approximately $5,000 in face value of fractional notes remain in the United States today. These temporary bank notes replaced silver coins which were hoarded in the late 1860s, and were only produced during the years 1862-1875. If you have one of these rare notes, keep it safe with proper storage and display supplies provided at Wizard Coin Supply. Relax, and enjoy your collection knowing that the products you choose at Wizard will keep your coins and banknotes well protected.