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The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of United States Pattern Coins
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Fads, Fakes & Foibles
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United States Gold Patterns
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Coin Pattern Books

Fascinating Coin Pattern Books uncover the most interesting design rarities in U.S. coinage. These books investigate the characteristics and expose the mysteries behind the U.S. mint’s handsome experimental pieces. They list the values of U.S. coin patterns that were created by engravers yet rejected by the mint. Our coin book selection also provides auction record books that report up-to-date coin pattern values based on sales. The United States mint has tried novel concepts in images, shapes, and materials for a variety of reasons, from colonial days to the present. This mesmerizing field comes alive for numismatists in coin pattern books that explain the background and characteristics of valuable pattern coins. The U.S. trial coins represent some of the mint’s most admirable works. They are exceptional pieces that deserve to be displayed in the best coin cases.

Learn About US Pattern Coins and Their Special Values

Collectors are introduced to inspired productions as they learn about US pattern coins. Our reference guides look into the history, availability and values of coins featuring unique designs and experimental alloys. When you learn about US pattern coins, you open a door to the intriguing beauty of America’s rare coins. You will share in the daring ideas of engravers that attempted to alter traditional coin forms. You can even learn more about the trial processes that led to issue coins. Our coin catalogs also share knowledge of pattern categories and grading scales. Catalogs compiled by United States pattern specialists assist collectors in determining the values of these limited pieces. Current and potential U.S. pattern coin investors can rely on resources for intelligent buying, such as the publications available from our online coin and stamp collection superstore.