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Private Pattern and Related Pieces: International Nickel & Gould Incorporated


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AUTHOR/EDITOR: Roger W. Burdette
ISBN 13: 9780989959544
ISBN 10: 0989959546
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This full color volume contains in-depth research on all known varieties of private pattern piece made by International Nickel Corp. (Inco) and Gould, Inc.

In response to economic events affecting the nation's coinage, Inco and Gould attempted to develop solutions to specific problems.  The private patterns are placed within their historical context and the commercial goals of both companies. Inco, by addressing the replacement of silver coinage in the United States from 1964-65, sought to increase the amount of nickel used in our coinage. Gould, Inc. proposed changing to powdered metal technology in 1976-78 and advocated use of compressed and sintered titanium in small size dollar coins. Although neither company was successful, they left a fascinating legacy of design, alloy and layered composition test pieces similar in size to standard U.S. coins.

Numismatist Tom Delorey was the first to write about Inco private pattern pieces in 1981. Former Inco employee Kenn Henderson followed with several articles in 1985 – more than 30 years ago. Andrew Pollock followed with updated and numbered varieties in his 1994 book United States Patterns and Related Issues. Pollock also added private patterns made in 1976-78 by Gould, Inc. for a proposed small-size dollar coin.

This new volume fills in numerous omissions and discrepancies in the original Pollock publication, and greatly expands the variety listings. Extensive concordance tables cross reference Pollock variety numbers with new, more extensive RB numbers. The new variety numbering also has wide intervals between items so that new discoveries may be added without disturbing the existing sequence. This will aid in establishing the correct variety description, while facilitating improved variety identification.

Mr. Burdette's careful documentation, thorough investigation and factual reporting are as educational as they are professional. Readers will understand the importance of the subject, and be afforded a comprehensive reference guide to Inco and Gould patterns previously non-existent. This is the definitive work that supplants and incorporates all earlier efforts. The images are crisp and clear, the charts easy to navigate and the detailed, clearly understandable scientific explanations of material processes will leave the reader with a profound knowledge and few unanswered questions, if any.

Binding: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Publication Date: May 2019
Size: 8.5x11
Pages: 243

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