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Coin How To

What To Do With Granddaddy's Coins
$14.95 $11.99
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Whitman Guidebook to Coin Collecting
$12.95 $9.69
Helpful Hints, for Enjoying and Collecting
$19.95 $18.99
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More Adventures in Rare Coins
$89.00 $89.00
The Collector's Handbook
$14.95 $11.99
$34.00 $29.89
Warman's Companion: US Coins & Currency
$18.99 $18.99
The Numismatourist
$29.95 $23.99
Numismatics For Everyone
$86.95 $73.89
The Other Side of the Coin
$12.99 $9.99
Coins Questions and Answers
$12.99 $9.99
Numismatist's Topside Companion
$12.95 $10.39
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Books on How to Collect Coins

When you explore the world of coin collecting, you never have to go it alone. Instead, rely on an abundance of advice and helpful insight by ordering books on how to collect coins. How-to books assist both beginner and intermediate level collectors. Many are well illustrated and portable, so you can use them as an identification and verification resource at shows. We stock books on how to collect coins by famed numismatists and trusted coin guides from respected publishers. If your mind is full of questions, order a book that answers thousands of the most common ones about collecting. With our wide variety of instructional books, featuring colorful images and to-the-point explanations, even the greenest collector will understand coin terminology, while getting tips for classification and preservation. As your hobby progresses, consider coin grading publications for your library. If your interest involves world coins, order a book with thousands of actual size illustrations to start your global exploration. Where will your collection take you? With the right books, your hobby will go far.

Coin Collecting for Dummies is a Smart Choice for New Collectors

If you’ve caught coin collecting fever, a top-selling resource to read before starting your coin hobby is the book Coin Collecting for Dummies. This useful reference begins with the basics and is ideal for beginners who have an avid interest in buying and collecting. Coin Collecting for Dummies adds need-to-know information to your enthusiasm as you establish a collection. Learn how to store a collection properly and develop that all-important skill of evaluating a coin’s quality and authenticity. The illustrations and photographs are valuable resources. If you are a novice numismatic, this book is for you! Also, to satisfy your curiosity about a coin’s origins, see our coin history books.