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The Cinderella Coin: A Beginner's Guide for Treasure Hunting on the Internet


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ISBN 13: 9781478798552
ISBN 10: 1478798556
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The Cinderella Coin is a true story about an internet treasure hunt.  The story is exaggerated in parts for humorous effect, but all the events and actions in the actual treasure hunt took place as described and in the order described.  In the end, the amazing deception and illegal production of 1838-O proof half dollars is exposed that has kept this great numismatic mystery unsolved for 180 years. THE CINDERELLA COIN is revealed as the only surviving legally struck 1838-O half dollar and the rarest U.S. circulation strike ever made.

The hunt began as a challenge, a bit like "Around the World In 80 Days," but in this case the challenge was to find a valuable treasure without ever leaving home to any significant degree.  There would be no diving in shark infested waters or slogging through snake filled jungles.  The technological world has changed so much in the last twenty years, that now virtually all the searching can be done on the internet and by phone. Vast amounts of information that used to require years of archival search all over the world are becoming instantly available at home, and this trend is accelerating.  Just as important, all those "treasures" that used to be hidden away in great Aunt Ethel's attic are now being sold in online auctions.  There's no longer any need to dig through the musty contents of boxes that have been stored away for years.  All that work is being done for you, so all you need to do is explore the auction sites.

You, the reader, will become part of the author's treasure hunting team, and you'll follow the successes and failures just as he did.  At the end of the book, you'll learn that there is just one secret to success.  If you do this one thing and do it well, you too will be able to find your hidden treasure through the internet.

Binding: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Publication Date: Aujust 31, 2018
Size: 6x9
Pages: 244

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