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Intercept Shield Boxes

Intercept Shield Boxes for Patented Protection

Buying an Intercept Shield Box means you’re investing in protection built by one of the most trusted names in coin collection supplies. Each Intercept Shield box is archival quality, constructed with inert materials and lined with patented Corrosion-Intercept, to create the safest possible environment for your collection.

For extra security, try the Intercept Shield brand Double Protection box, with ten smaller boxes which hold individual certified coins, housed within a sturdy outer box. All eleven coin boxes are lined with the patented Intercept Shield protection.

Try other quality coin protection and storage products made by this trusted brand, like Intercept-Shield coin holders in various sizes, or archival-quality envelopes to hold collectibles like photographs, documents, or comic books.

The Science Behind Intercept Shield Coin Protection

Intercept Shield coin protection utilizes the careful science of controlling the air space immediately surrounding your coins. Some of the most common corrosive gases (like chlorine, sulfur, and ammonia) exist in the everyday air around us, yet they are potentially lethal to your precious coins. The patented Intercept Shield technology saves the day by reacting chemically with the offending gases, effectively neutralizing them instantly. It has been statistically proven that these corrosive agents cannot survive when they come into contact with the Intercept Shield materials.

Intercept Shield uses the only technology that will not ever damage your coins or expose them to room air. Older methods of coin protection, like VCIs or activated charcoal, can actually cause damage or corrosion to the very coins they were designed to protect!

You can feel confident that coin storage options created by this trusted company will keep your valuable coins safe for the long term and protected from the elements.