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Small Strainer
$1.95 $1.49
Large Strainer
$2.95 $2.29
Dipping Basket
$12.59 $9.39
Cotton Gloves
$1.99 $0.99
Lighthouse Cotton Gloves
$4.95 $4.19
Lighthouse Black Microfiber Gloves
$7.95 $6.79
Slab Crackers
$34.99 $29.99
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Lighthouse Pomodoro Can Safe
$16.95 $14.39
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Lighthouse Butler Coin Tray
$24.95 $21.19

Coin Handling Equipment Crafted with Professional Care

Wizard Coin Supply carries one of the most comprehensive selections of coin handling equipment online. If there is a tool, accessory, or other coin instrument you need, you’ll find it here at Wizard, or we’ll find it for you.

Whether it’s a precision set of coin calipers, magnifiers, coin tongs, or metal testing supplies, Wizard Coin Supply provides only top-of-the-line products made by the most trusted brand names in the business.

To ensure our loyal customers’ satisfaction, our price match guarantee means that you won’t find a better deal on quality numismatic supplies and coin handling equipment anywhere. It’s our promise to you.

The magic secret to our outstanding customer service is that each of our reps is an enthusiastic collector, just like you. Add to that their many years of expertise in the field, and the combination is unbeatable, just like our prices.

Coin Handling Gloves for the Gentlest Touch

You’re particular about your collection, and you want to ensure that everything which comes into contact with your coins is designed with their safety and protection in mind, like the cotton coin handling gloves we carry at Wizard.

Created exclusively to handle coins, these coin handling gloves are lightweight enough to allow for maximum dexterity, yet ensure that no staining or corrosion will occur due to improper handling. No oils, moisture, or contaminants will ever touch your treasured collection.

They’re so reasonably priced, you can afford to stock up on your other handling supplies and coin storage needs. Shopping for coin collection supplies should be part of the joy of numismatics. We understand. Take your time and peruse the Wizard site at your leisure, and indulge yourself with the pleasure of being in the company of fellow coin enthusiasts.