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HECO Vinyl Flips -- 2x2
$11.00 $8.29
HECO Dealer Sales Pages -- 5.5x8.5 -- Full Page, Black Background
$110.00 $82.49
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HECO Dealer Sales Pages -- Mini 4x6.5 -- Black Background
$70.00 $52.49
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HECO Dealer Cards (104) -- 4 7/8 x 3 1/4
$100.00 $74.99
HECO Dealer Cards (107) -- 5 1/2 x 3 3/8
$100.00 $74.99

Harry Edelman Coin Supplies

If you enjoy collecting coins issued by the U.S. Mint that honor the presidents and our country, place your trust in Harry Edelman Coin Supplies. Harry Edelman provides numismatic folders and distributes Safe T and other brands of coin-related products. The Edelman panel folders help collectors mark the heritage of Lincoln cents, state quarters, and presidential dollars. The distinctive covers on each folder match the unique features of the different coin sets. With folders from Harry Edelman coin supplies, you can fit a complete set of 56 state and territorial quarters into a sturdy folder. With the Lincoln cents folders, slotted panels help you to organize the coins by date. Collectors can display commemorative presidential dollars in attractive folders with room for both the Philadelphia and Denver coins. Special folder flaps share key information related to the coins and add an extra element of protection.

Safe T Coin Supplies Offer Coverage Clarity

Safe T Coin Supplies are an affordable answer to coin coverage. Safe T has your coins shielded in top quality coin flips. The type of vinyl Safe T uses gives you added stability. When compared to the average vinyl flip, you’ll have a more secure way to show and store coins. The flip materials include lower level softeners, a quality many users want. And you’re able to insert and remove coins easily. If you’re trying to sell a coin, Safe T coin supplies provide a clear-cut perspective for potential buyers. The Safe T flips come in three sizes, and we have the coin boxes designed for your 2×2s. Safe T also makes vinyl sleeves for storing paper money. They provide preferred visibility on both sides. Remember, buying our coin supplies in bulk often brings greater savings!