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Coin Pages and Wallets

Supersafe Archival Pages -- 1 Pocket
$1.75 $1.49
Supersafe Archival Pages -- 2 Pocket
$1.75 $1.49
Lindner 1-Pocket Pages--10 pack
$37.50 $33.79
Lindner 2-Pocket Pages--10 pack
$37.50 $33.79
Lindner 3-Pocket Pages--10 pack
$37.50 $33.79

Coin Pages

Wizard understands that the needs and preferences of collectors vary greatly, which is why there are so many selections in coin pages. We carry pages for 2×2 flips, certified coins, multi-purpose pages with pockets in various sizes, and even currency sleeves for our customers who collect both coins and currency. We know that you have preferences in coin page materials too, so we wizards offer pages in coin-safe vinyl or polypropelene. When you shop at Wizard Coin Supply, you can trust that regardless of your needs for page or pocket size, or materials, our resident coin veterans have done extensive research to ensure that our coin pages are the very best and safest for your valuable coins.

Coin Collection Wallets to Show Off Your Treasures

For conveniently-sized storage or easy transport, nothing beats a coin collection wallet. Lightweight, yet perfectly safe for coins, these coin wallets are just the thing for traveling with a small collection or a few special pieces. Try the H.E. Harris coin wallets, which hold staple-style mylar flips in 12-, 18-, or 24-pockets. Or for a slightly larger capacity but still compactly-sized, try Harris’s Mini Coin Album, which holds flips and has 60- or 80-pocket holders.

Just like grandparents who proudly show off photos of their grandchildren, a coin wallet allows quick access to showcase your own precious treasures.

You can purchase your coin wallets at the very best prices available at Wizard Coin Supply, and still have money left over to browse our user-friendly website for your other needs in coin collection supplies.