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2x2 Cardboard Coin Flips

Mylar Cardboard Flips - 2x2 - 2-hole
$7.00 $5.59

2×2 Flips

2×2 flips are a favorite selection of coin collectors who wish to display individual coins or sets of coins individually. Standard 2×2 coin flips are great for showing and storing individual coins and can be used with or without the paper inserts for stability and labeling. While the 2×2 size is by far the most popular, we also offer flips in 1.5×1.5 and 2.5×2.5 sizes. offers all of our 2×2 coin flips at a great savings over the standard retail price. We have 2×2 flips that are PVC-free, which helps to ensure that your coins are protected, even if you are using coin flips for long-term storage.

We also have great selection of coin boxes to store and organize a set of coins that are being individually displayed with 2×2 flips.

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