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Plastic Polish
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Novus Polish No. 1 Plastic Clean and Shine
List Price: $2.07
Our price: $1.99

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Novus Polish No. 2 Fine Scratch Remover
List Price: $3.05
Our price: $2.99

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Novus Polish No. 3 Heavy Scratch Remover
Our price: $4.29

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Novus Premium Polish Mates
List Price: $7.50
Our price: $6.49

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GemBright Lintless Cloth
List Price: $4.95
Our price: $4.49

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Plastic Polish that Repels Dust, Dirt and Scratches

We stock clean and shine plastic polish, scratch polish, and heavy duty scratch remover polish that can be used on plastic surfaces with remarkable results. A plastic cleaning polish can remove dirt, and then buff acrylic surfaces to a dust and scratch repellent glaze. Our clean and shine plastic product is an anti-fog, anti-static polish, while our scratch removers take off haziness, scratches and abrasions, rather than just filling them in. Our popular plastic polishes are made by Novus, the company that also makes pre-treated, lintless plastic polishing cloths. We also stock untreated lint-free cloths with a soft texture for your polishing needs. Our line of coin cleaning accessories offers additional assistance in preserving your collection. We’re committed to supplying essential products, incredible values and efficient customer service to collectors.

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