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Testing Supplies

Gold Test (Black) Stone - 2x1.5
$9.59 $8.19
Gold Test (Black) Stone - 2x3
$10.99 $8.99
Gold Test (Arkansas) Stone - 2.5x1.5
$34.99 $26.99
Economy Gold Test Stone - Glass
$4.99 $3.99
Gold Test Acid - 10k
$2.55 $2.79
Gold Test Acid - 14k
$2.55 $2.79
Gold Test Acid - 18k
$2.55 $2.79
Gold Test Acid - 22k
$2.80 $2.79
Silver Test Acid
$2.55 $2.79
Platinum Test Acid
$2.80 $2.79
Test Acid Neutralizer
$6.95 $5.99
Gold Test Needles, 3 (10k, 14k, 18k)
$64.50 $42.39
Gold Test Kit
$56.90 $44.99
Product is out of stock
Rare Earth Magnet
$9.99 $7.49
Pocket Pinger Bullion Tester
$35.00 $33.99
Mizar M24 Testing Solution Refill
$43.00 $32.99
Precious Metals Verifier Kit (with Small, Large and Bullion Wands)
$885.00 $879.99
Product is out of stock
Counterfeit Detector Pen
$3.95 $3.19

Gold Testing Equipment

Make sure that your gold coins are authentic with our certified gold testing equipment. Whether you want to discover the karat level of your gold coins or bars, or ensure that what you’ve invested in is the real thing, Wizard can help. We offer several gold test acids in various karat levels to help you test your metal!

Before you scratch your coin on a test stone, however, make sure that you know how to avoid potential damage to your coins. Check with an expert – our resident wizards are happy to help – or look to one of our informative coin books to become informed in the process of testing metals.

Pick your karat and try out one of our gold test acids, in 10k, 14k, 18k, or 22k. Combine it with a genuine Arkansas test stone, available in two different sizes. For economy testers, we also carry a test stone in glass. Next, you’ll need test needles. Test needles are manufactured in various karat levels and are used to compare the rate at which the metal scratched onto the stone dissolves, to evaluate the coin you wish to test. Wizard carries several types of gold testing needles, as well as silver.

If you’ve got coins of different metals, we also offer metal test acids for silver and platinum.

Gold Testing Supplies to Test your ‘Metal’

Buy your gold testing supplies at Wizard Coin Supply, and you know you’ll be getting the very best deal on premium quality products. Our test acids, stones, needles, and other testing equipment have been endorsed by our own coin experts as well as countless experienced coin clients.

The most convenient way to gather your gold testing supplies is to purchase one of our gold testing kits. This pre-packed kit comes in an attractive, sturdy wooden box, and contains everything you’ll need to test your gold coins and other gold items. The test kit includes three testing acids (10k, 14k, and 18k), a genuine Arkansas testing stone, and three test needles.

Once you’ve determined the karat level of your gold coins, you’ll be free to store and display them in one of our fine coin albums for the long-term enjoyment of your valuable collection.