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Gold Test Acid - 18k


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Gold test acids, when used with test needles and test stones, determine the gold karat value of articles being tested. 10kt, 14kt, 18kt and 22k test acids are available. Scratch or rub the metal onto the testing stone. Place a half a drop of the closest acid to the karat you estimate the metal to be. If the acid dissolves the metal it is less then the karat level of the acid use and you should try again with lower level acid. If the metal dissolves the slowly, the metal is slightly less than the karat level of the acid in the bottle. If the metal does not disolve it is the karat level of the acid in the bottle or higher. Use a test needle to scratch and compare the speed the metal dissolves to more closely determine the gold purity level. Test acids come in sturdy plastic bottles to maximize safety yet allow the user to easily squeeze out a drop at a time. Note: This product cannot be shipped internationally.
Size: 12 grams

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