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Nickel Coin Books

Insightful nickel coin books serve as valuable reference tools and enlightening reading. If you’re a new or dedicated nickel collector, a book on the Jefferson nickels shares information and photos on the valuable double dies. You can also read an in-depth analysis of all issues of the Jefferson Nickel based on characteristics such as date and mint, strike, and color. Or you can delve into the mysteries of the Liberty Head nickels while learning more about their errors and die varieties. Our nickel coin books also investigate the history of famous nickels. Take a trip back in time to the origination of the Buffalo nickel and discover the background on the American sculptor who created it. Browse for books conveniently organized by denomination in our selection of affordable coin value books. With our low price wizardry, it’s easier than ever to expand your coin collection library.

Well-Researched Nickel Coin Guides from Experts in the Field

Colorful nickel coin guides direct your coin searches and acquisitions, from the Buffalo and Jefferson Nickels to the Shield and Liberty Head Nickels. With beneficial guide features such as enlarged photos, readers can check on overdates and other variations. These nickel coin guides come with hundreds of pages filled with photographs, engaging historical facts, and valuable data. These books provide past and current nickel market values as a key reference tool for collectors. With a nickel coin guide compiled by experts in the field, you’ll have useful information about rarity for each date and mintmark. You’ll be able to see large photographs of most every coin in the series. Read the latest nickel research by top numismatics when you own coin guides from trusted authors and prominent publishers. Also order our coin guides for other denominations, including popular quarter coin books.