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US Currency

100 Greatest American Currency Notes
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Counterfeiting and Technology
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Paper Money of the United States
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National Bank Notes
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United States Paper Money Errors
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Collecting Confederate Paper Money
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Confederate Treasury Certificates
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United States Fractional Currency
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Currency Books

Dealers and collectors rely on the latest national and world currency books for critical information and images. Our comprehensive books will assist you with the collection and grading of your paper currency. We offer great deals on essential, standard catalogs of world paper money. Specialized paper money issues from the early centuries forward are included in this type of catalog. Our books and guides provide abundant images and illustrations, while offering current pricing based on preservation. Collectors also will have the information they need to properly identify bank notes. Both our coin books and our paper money publications include data from experts in the field. Many of our guides and catalogs are authoritative editions recognized for their reliability. Several of our world currency books can easily be carried to the places where you buy and sell. These compact guides contain those all-important counterfeit alerts and currency histories.

Buy Smarter with Knowledge from US Currency Books

Stay organized and make smarter buys for the current market with US Currency Books. Hundreds of pages and thousands of images in our currency guides alert you to rarity. Get dealer pricing for federal notes from the 1800s to today. Learn the histories and values of continental currency. Determine if a bill is counterfeit Confederate money. U.S. paper money catalogs can include records from the early 1800s on, so you learn values and features. Be sure to have a US currency book on hand that serves as a valuable price guide for paper money, revealing thousands of prices. With historical details and counterfeit warnings, you are prepared to assess US currency at the auction or show. Let our currency supplies and popular books at discounted prices support your collecting efforts.