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Commemorative Coin Books

Congress authorizes commemorative coins to celebrate people, places and events. History buffs and collectors who like to know the story behind the coin will enjoy expanding their knowledge through commemorative coin books. At Wizard Coin Supply, we have the official U.S. Mint Handbooks, plus insider guides to commemorative collecting. Build your collection with an understanding of the artists who created the unique coin images and gain inside information on the famous names behind the creations. Whether you want commemoratives from a century ago, or the latest issues, we have in-depth books that cover these coins. Start or augment your collection with books that help you determine authenticity and market value. You can be a savvy buyer and identify rarities with the right commemorative coin books. Or simply learn more about special coins, such as the Westward Journey Nickel series or the Panama-Pacific commemoratives. Our commemorative coin albums also share historical and educational information.

Commemorative Coin Guides Make Collecting More Rewarding

Own a comprehensive guide to the history, rarity, values, and grading of commemoratives. We sell commemorative coin guides at affordable prices that make collecting a rewarding pastime and a source of national pride. Whether you are acquiring dollars, half dollars, quarters, or nickels, our commemorative coin guides provide the facts you need to grow your collection. Be sure to have a guide book of commemoratives on hand that details information on strikes, certifications, and fair pricing. Understanding the background of coins can make the collecting experience more enjoyable. Read exciting historical accounts of the commemorative coins issued during a particular time period, as in our publication that covers the images struck between 1892 and 1954. Then, order our coin cases to display your special issues, such as the coins marking the bicentennial of President Lincoln’s birth.