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Currency Boxes

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Regular Duty Modern Currency Box
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Regular Duty Large Size Currency Box
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Currency Boxes Keep Your Notes in Order

Don’t let the name fool you – even though we’re called Wizard Coin Supply, we carry everything that currency collectors might need, from sleeves to albums and counters to currency boxes for convenient and protective storage.

Our sturdy red currency boxes hold up to 100 notes and are suitable for organizing your banknotes or for regular storage. For travel purposes, try the heavy duty version with a durable, textured exterior wrap. Choose the modern style for regular-sized notes, and the large size for larger or custom banknotes.

As you would expect from Wizard, our prices for currency boxes and other essentials are lower than any competitor, or we’ll match the price – guaranteed.

Currency Storage Combines Beauty and Function

There are many options for currency storage, depending on your personal preference. If storing your banknotes in an album is your penchant, we carry a variety of currency sleeves and pages that can be easily added or removed from a currency album.

Choose from one-, two-, three-, or four-pocket styles, made from currency safe materials like polypropylene, vinyl, or mylar. Add them to any one of our top quality coin albums made with care by top names like Whitman, H.E. Harris, and Littleton.

If you prefer to showcase your banknotes individually, try a Snaplock brand currency capsule. The clear, scratch proof acrylic material will keep your notes safe, yet allow for envious viewing by your friends. Available in modern or large.

If you are a return customer, you know how dedicated we are to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We take just as much care in researching the finest currency supplies as we do for our . Our commitment to quality currency and coin storage products is matched only by our attention to the quality of your shopping experience at Wizard Coin Supply.