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Currency Supplies

Capital Holder - Currency Holder, Large
$19.55 $15.69
Capital Holder - Stocks and Bonds Holder
$42.00 $33.59
Product is out of stock
Capital Holder - Postcard Holder
$15.35 $12.29
Capital Holder - Currency Pack Holder
$39.50 $31.59
Supersafe Archival Pages -- 1 Pocket
$1.75 $1.49
Supersafe Archival Pages -- 2 Pocket
$1.75 $1.49
Lindner 1-Pocket Pages--10 pack
$37.50 $33.79
Lindner 2-Pocket Pages--10 pack
$37.50 $33.79
Lindner 3-Pocket Pages--10 pack
$37.50 $33.79

Currency Supplies

Currency collections can be more difficult to protect and preserve than coin collections unless you have the proper currency supplies at your disposal. At Wizard Coin Supply, we have an extensive selection of currency supplies from leading brands like Safgard and Supersafe that are designed to ensure the safety of your collectible currency. We also have a wide variety of currency boxes and currency holders that will keep your collectible paper currency safe from harmful contaminants. Our price matching policy guarantees that our prices will always match or beat those of our competitors. Our customers remain loyal to us because we deliver only the best and we back up every sale with an ongoing commitment to excellent customer service.

Discount Currency Supplies

To help ensure the long-term success of your currency collection, it is important that you find a supplier who can provide all of your discount currency supplies at the best prices and with guaranteed delivery. Anything less could put the value of your currency collection at risk, and we know that is not something you are willing to do. Our knowledgeable staff of coin and currency collectors is available to help you understand the products that are protecting your collections. If you are uncertain about the best currency supplies for your collection, or if you have any questions about any of our other coin collection products, please contact us today.