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Supersafe Coin Albums

If you’re a commemorative quarter or dollar collector, see both sides of your coins with Supersafe Coin Albums. These albums are designed for the organization and clear viewing of coins that are tributes to our nation, including the popular state quarters. They also include historical highlights so you learn more about the coin designs. Inside a sturdy binder, you’ll have vinyl pages with pockets for inserting your coin collection. Place your commemorative state quarters in a Supersafe coin album made for this historical purpose. If you have the territorial coins, these can be added too. Slip your presidential dollars in an album made to hold up to 50 coins. The coins go in easily and stay secure in the individual plastic pockets. If you have presidential dollars from the Philadelphia and Denver mints, slide them into a coin album that holds 100 coins effectively. Both types of presidential albums provide background on the leaders, just as the state quarter albums give facts about each state. Those planning to collect the quarters that celebrate our national parks, with their special reverse designs, should order a Supersafe album for this project.

Economical albums by Supersafe can be a great way to provide a collectible display and educational opportunity. Take a look at their products you shop for albums and coin folders. Supersafe uses a durable vinyl with a high level of clarity in the production of its numismatic supplies. At Wizard Coin Supply, we offer dependable coin albums by various makers so collections are easier to view, transport and share. With our reduced prices, these albums are the ideal way to protect and enjoy commemorative and other types of coins.