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English Coins 1180-1551
$110.50 $97.19
100 Greatest Ancient Coins
$34.95 $26.19
Coins of the Bible
$19.95 $14.99
Bible Lore and the Eternal Flame
$24.95 $18.79
Money of the Bible
$29.95 $22.49
Guide to Biblical Coins
$85.00 $79.99
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Coins and the Bible
$25.49 $22.39
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Widow's Mites Display
$29.99 $24.99
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Coinage and Conflict
$25.00 $18.79
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Greek Imperial Coins and Their Values
$76.50 $67.29
Greek Coin Types and Their Identification
$42.50 $37.39
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In Celebration Of Greek Coinage
$34.00 $29.89

Ancient Coin Books

Embark on historic adventures with Ancient Coin Books. Collectors can own an acclaimed coin book series that revives the spirit of the great civilizations through photos, maps and descriptions. The historic information is organized for ease of access and comprehension. Our ancient coin books explore Greek, Roman and Neo-Classical coinage and are important references for determining values and making authenticity assessments in less time. Collectors and dealers can investigate the intriguing tales behind the coins of ancient empires with our reduced prices on numismatic publications. If you are establishing a Byzantine Empire or Greek coin collection, we have the valuable guide to acquiring your classical pieces. Several of these ancient coin editions also make beautiful, full-color coffee table books. As you begin ancient coin collecting, our books let you tap into the knowledge of experts while considering specific pieces. Once you’ve acquired your precious coins, use the proper coin tools to protect your investment.

Ancient Coin Guides for Both New and Experienced Collectors

With the assistance of Ancient Coin Guides, both novice and experienced collectors can determine a coin’s era. These reliable coin guides, with their charts and large photos, deliver detailed information. Ancient coin guides are also essential references that can help collectors and professionals of all levels avoid the costly errors of purchasing forgeries and counterfeits. We sell counterfeit detection guides for U.S. coins too. Coin guides contain explanations of important aspects of production, including ancient denominations and mints. Coin history buffs can investigate the link between early money and Ghengis Khan or the death of Julius Caesar with our antiquated coin reference guides. We provide respected guides by authors who have studied the unique features of ancient coins and money, beginning with civilization’s earliest days.