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Greek Imperial Coins and Their Values


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This catalogue is unique in providing the collector with the only comprehensive and authoritative guide devoted specifically to the local coinages of the Roman Empire, undoubtedly the most neglected series in the whole of ancient classical numismatics. Greek Imperial coins span more than three centuries from Augustus to Diocletian, and were issued at over six hundred mints from Spain to Mesopotamia.

The catalogue is arranged in three sections; first, the coins bearing the heads of emperors and empresses are catalogued in their chronological sequence, reign by reign. This arrangement aids the collector in identification and emphasises the true importance of the local series as a complement to the empire-wide Roman state coinage. Within each reign the issues are placed in their traditional geographical sequence, as are the quasi-autonomous coins (those without imperial names and portraits) which are listed separately in section two. The third section of the catalogue lists contemporary coinages - the products of independent and semi-independent states belonging to the same era as Greek Imperial issues - and, in many instances, completes the listing begun in the two volumes of Greek Coins and their Values.

In addition to cataloguing and valuing over 6,000 coins, full information is provided on all aspects of the subjects, types and inscriptions, magistrates titles, city epithets, dates and eras, denominations and marks of value and a full alphabetical listing of all the mints (with ethnics) engaged in the production of Greek Imperial coins.
Binding: Hardcover
Edition: 1st
Publication Date: 1982 (2010 reprint)
Size: 8.5x5.5
Pages: 636

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