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BCW Peel-N-Seal Self Adhesive Flips -- Cent -- Pack of 100
$14.99 $11.19
Product is out of stock
BCW Peel-N-Seal Self Adhesive Flips -- Dime -- Pack of 100
$14.99 $11.19
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BCW Peel-N-Seal Self Adhesive Flips -- Quarter -- Pack of 100
$14.99 $11.19
Product is out of stock
BCW Vinyl Flips -- 2x2 -- 100 Pack
$17.99 $13.49
BCW 2x2 Snaplocks Quarter Size -- Box of 25
$17.25 $12.89
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BCW 2-Piece Stand
$0.39 $0.33
BCW Foldable Card Stand -- Black
$0.39 $0.29
BCW Small Easel Stand
$0.59 $0.49
BCW Large Easel Stand
$1.39 $1.19
BCW Slab Shell -- Pack of 25
$16.99 $12.69
Product is out of stock

BCW Coin Supplies

In our commitment to bring you the best products that support your interests, we stock items from BCW Coin Supplies. BCW is a brand dedicated to the storage, display and protection of coins, paper money, and trading cards. BCW makes acid-free, archival quality pages featuring top-loading pockets, strengthened to support and safeguard your collection. From a one-pocket page for documents to a 20-pocket page for storing coins or slides, BCW offers protection and economy. The pages work well in many standard albums and all of our three-ring binders. Use the 20-pocket page to store your collectible coins. These flexible, PVC-free pages provide viewing clarity. BCW coin supplies come at a savings on our site. Currency can also be guarded with BCW supplies. Place collectible currency in snap-together holders for a clear perspective. We also carry coin cases that are superior, long-term coin storage options.

BCW Coin Pages Protect Collections of Every Size Affordably

Perhaps you have inherited coins recently or just started collecting. Be sure to share them with others, while protecting their condition, with BCW coin pages. With BCW, you can enjoy an economical, archival quality product. Whether you need to store small coins or large currency you can depend on BCW pages and stay within your budget. The archival coin pages are manufactured from polypropylene, a flexible alternative to vinyl. If you want vinyl pages, we have the affordable, yet high quality, polished type. You can conveniently order BCW coin pages individually or, in some cases, by the box. If collecting is your passion, the boxes are your best deal. Shop by brand on our site to find the leaders in the coin collection industry, including BCW.