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Errors and Varieties

Coin Errors

One of the most interesting facets of coin collecting is the hunt for coin errors and varieties. Error coins are mistakes that got through manufacturing and quality control processes such as off-center coins, broadstruck coins, blank planchets, clipped planchets and the like. Typically error coins are one of a kind. You should always be on the lookout for these occasional minting mistakes, which make for unique and sometimes valuable additions to your collection.

Varieties are (typically) intentional differences between the two different coins due to differences in the dies that made them. As a result all of the coins made from the pair of dies exhibit the variety. Examples include overdates, over mintmarks, double dies, and the like. Like error coins, these are exciting to "cherry pick" and can often be quite valuable. Some of the most highly sought after coins are varieties (the 1955 double die cent, the 1918/7 Buffalo Nickel overdate, etc.). From the relatively common mint mark varieties to the more rare and valuable doubled die coins, coin varieties abound, and even the beginning numismatic enthusiast can begin to know what to look for with a little education.

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Spot Coin Minting Errors and Varieties

A fast-growing sub-category of numismatics, learning to spot coin minting errors and varieties can be a fun and challenging addition to your hobby, or an interest all of its own. Start with separate coin flips to hold your minting error collection, or add an entire coin album once you have amassed an impressive set.

An entertaining pastime, collecting coin errors can also be a profitable endeavor. Learn which small differences will bring big value to your collection by studying the guide books on the topic.

Coin Error Books on Sale

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The coin book selection we carry will educate the beginning or more advanced numismatist on different coin errors, like planchet, die, and strike errors, for example.

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