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Cherrypicker's Guide to Rare Die Varieties of United States Coins, Vol III


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Few books have excited the coin-collecting community like the Cherrypickers’ Guide. Since the first edition burst onto the scene in 1990, thousands of hobbyists have been searching for the rare die varieties described inside.

This handy book tells you how to “cherrypick”—that is, how to examine coins that look normal at first glance, but have unusual characteristics: doubled and tripled dies, overdates, repunched mintmarks, and other features that can reveal a common coin to be a rare and valuable variety.

With the close-up photographs and descriptions inside, you’ll learn exactly what to look for. That kind of knowledge truly is power!

The Cherrypicker Guide is a three volume series:

  • Volume I -- Half cents, two cent pieces, three cent pieces, and nickels
  • Volume II -- Half dimes, dimes, twenty cents, and quarters
  • Volume III -- Half dollars, dollars and gold

Binding: Spiral Hardcover
Edition: 1st
Publication Date: TBD
Size: 5.25x8.5
Pages: TBD

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