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Cherrypicker's Guide to Rare Die Varieties of United States Coins, Vol II


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AUTHOR/EDITOR: Bill Fivaz; J. T. Stanton; Larry Briggs
ISBN 13: 9780794850111
ISBN 10: 0794850111
EAN: 9780794850111
MADE IN: China
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Few books have excited the coin-collecting community like the Cherrypickers’ Guide. Since the first edition burst onto the scene in 1990, thousands of hobbyists have been searching for the rare die varieties described inside.

This handy book tells you how to “cherrypick”—that is, how to examine coins that look normal at first glance, but have unusual characteristics: doubled and tripled dies, overdates, repunched mintmarks, and other features that can reveal a common coin to be a rare and valuable variety.With the close-up photographs and descriptions inside, you’ll learn exactly what to look for. That kind of knowledge truly is power!

The Cherrypicker Guide is a three volume series:
  • Volume I -- Half cents, two cent pieces, three cent pieces, and nickels
  • Volume II -- Half dimes, dimes, twenty cents, and quarters
  • Volume III -- Half dollars, dollars and gold

The sixth edition, volume II, includes:

  • descriptions of die varieties for half dimes, dimes, twenty-cent pieces, and quarter dollars, 1800s to date
  • fully updated and revised information on 442 varieties in many of the most popular U.S. coin series, including Roosevelt and Mercury dimes, Washington quarters, Barber silver coins, and Liberty Seated coinage
  • 79 newly published varieties
  • market values in multiple grades
  • detailed photo enlargements to show you what to look for when cherrypicking
  • information on types of doubling, how to examine your coins, Proof set varieties, collector clubs, and other beginner and advanced topics
  • cross-references to specialized standard guides

“I cannot imagine collecting U.S. coins without a copy of the Cherrypickers’ Guide near at hand. In this latest volume, editor Larry Briggs adds his experience to the rock-solid foundation built by J.T. Stanton, Bill Fivaz, Ken Potter, Mike Ellis, and other specialists.”

— Q. David Bowers

“The Cherrypickers’ Guide is entertaining, educational, and useful in a thousand ways.”

— Kenneth Bressett

Binding: Spiral Hardcover
Edition: 6th
Publication Date: August 15, 2023
Size: 5.25x8.5
Pages: 320

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