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Coin and Currency Counters and Sorters

Fast Sort 2-Row Coin Sorter
$149.00 $111.99
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Sleek Automatic Banknote Counter/Counterfeit Detector
$599.99 $449.99
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SecureIT Coin Counting Tubes
$19.79 $15.79
$9.99 $7.49

Coin Counters

You can “count” on Wizard Coin Supply to give you the best in products like coin counters and coin tubes at unbeatable prices. It helps to know that we collect too – we wouldn’t sell anything we couldn’t recommend to other collectors.

Collectors know the deep satisfaction that comes from the empirical nature of numismatics –it’s easy to get lost in the fascinating world of coins. You’ve invested your time, care, and money into creating a gratifying collection. We understand that.

That’s why we’ve made the shopping experience as easy as possible. It should be enjoyable to peruse our site and make exciting choices regarding your coin collection supplies. Our price-matching guarantee and customer-friendly return policy magically remove the stress and leave only the pleasure.

Coin Sorters for Hard-Working Efficiency

If you deal in bulk coins, you know you can’t survive without a durable, quality coin sorter. At Wizard, we supply professional coin dealers as well as hobbyists, and you’ll find a satisfying array of commercial grade and wholesale coin supplies at our shop.

Try the Royal Sovereign Fast-Sort digital sorter, with a four-row capacity for increased efficiency. The heavyweight motor on this precision workhorse sorts up to 800 coins at 312 per minute, and the convenient digital display keeps track of the dollar value being sorted.

As a professional, you’re selective about the products you use for your business. We are too – we only stock items we feel meet the high standards of our seasoned coin wizards.

You can feel confident that the coin counters and sorters and other necessary supplies such as coin storage boxes, coin envelopes or safety mailers you might need as a dealer or serious hobbyist are going to meet your own requirements for quality coin collection products and tools.