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Preformed Coin Wrappers

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Coin Rolls

Coin rolls are a convenient and affordable way to sort and store coins, either by hand or with most coin sorting machines. Available in denominations from pennies to small and large dollar size, you can trust that these are the standard-bearer for paper coin rolls. For your storage needs, check out our selection of sturdy, heavy-duty chipboard coin storage boxes to keep your pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, and dollars well protected.

To complete your order, try a Fast-Sort digital coin sorter, with 2-, 3-, or 4-row capacity for super-speedy coin sorting and counting. Stock up now on coin rolls, round and square coin tubes, storage boxes, and your other wholesale coin supply needs at Wizard Coin Supply.

Preformed Coin Wrappers Eliminate Hassle

Preformed coin wrappers are so easy to use. No need for coins to go sideways or get stuck in flat wrappers. No aggravation from continually propping the wrapper open to put in the coins. Cut down on the hassle factor by buying preformed wrappers. Made of sturdy 60-lb grade kraft paper, these wrappers are pre-crimped on one end for ease of use for hand or machine filling. For that extra finishing touch, try the Twist-n-Crimp tool along with these preformed wrappers. It’ll give your coin rolls that professional, crimped look you get from the bank.

Choose your denomination, or buy the assortment to handle smaller numbers of separate coin values. Sold in bags of 100 wrappers or boxes of 1000, the coin wrappers at Wizard Coin Supply are super economical too. We’ll save you money so you can focus on what counts – growing your coin collection.