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Coin Chemicals

E-Z-Est (Jeweluster) Coin Cleaner
$13.99 $10.49
E-Z-Est Speedip
$22.99 $13.79
Amazing Silver Dip -- Gallon
$51.99 $38.99
$19.99 $14.99
$13.99 $10.49
Coin Care
$10.99 $8.19
Classic Coin Conditioner
$59.99 $43.69
$6.75 $5.09
$6.75 $5.09
$6.75 $5.09
$6.75 $5.09
$6.75 $5.09
$3.15 $2.39
$32.60 $24.49
Canned Air
$13.05 $10.39
Lighthouse Gold Cleaning Fluid
$16.95 $14.39
Lighthouse Silver Cleaning Fluid
$16.95 $14.39
Lighthouse Copper Cleaning Fluid
$16.95 $14.39
Product is out of stock
Lighthouse Bimetallic Cleaning Fluid
$16.95 $14.39
Lindner Coin Cleaner
$20.25 $18.19
Lindner Coin Cleaning Dip -- Gold
$22.00 $19.79
Lindner Coin Cleaning Dip -- Silver
$22.00 $19.79

Cleaning Coins is a Delicate Business

Cleaning coins is always a delicate business. When in doubt, do not clean your coins! Instead, consult with an expert as to how to go about the process so that your coins are not damaged. Sometimes a coin that has been cleaned will lose value – and you don’t want that to happen. Our resident wizards would be happy to consult with you about whether cleaning your coins is the best way to go.

If a coin specialist has agreed that your coin should indeed be cleaned, Wizard Coin Supply carries everything you need to ensure that a safe and careful process can occur, including several helpful coin books in our library offering step-by-step instructions.

Coin Cleaning Supplies to Ensure a Safe Process

You want the safest coin cleaning supplies to come into contact with your precious collection. On top of concern about the chemicals used, cleaning coins inevitably involves extra handling, so you want to ensure that the proper tools and equipment will be used.

For example, our Steamostats coin tongs have protective non-scratch rubberized ends to avoid any unnecessary scratches. Or try the Lighthouse brand vibrating coin cleaning machine, which gently vibrates to remove dirt and oils from your coins without human contact.

Coin Cleaning Chemicals Should do no Harm

If you must use coin cleaning chemicals, be sure to choose the safest products specifically designed for the type of coin you wish to clean.

We carry neutral coin solvents that remove oils, tape residue, light fingerprints, and PVC without changing the tone, luster, or color of the coins, as well as effective coin dips that quickly remove dirt and brighten most metals.

You know we’re not just trying to make a profit when we warn our customers against buying our products. We recommend avoiding coin cleaning chemicals whenever possible, but if you do decide that it’s necessary, you can trust that Wizard Coin Supply will help you make the best choice possible.