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Coin Frames

Whitman Birth Year Frame
$12.99 $9.69
Lighthouse Magic Frame 70 x 70mm
$9.95 $8.49
Lighthouse Magic Frame 110 x 110mm
$14.95 $12.69
Lighthouse Magic Frame 230 x 90mm
$27.95 $23.79
Lighthouse Magic Frame 200 x 180mm
$21.95 $18.69
Guardhouse Lockable Wall Mounted Coin Display
$96.70 $77.39
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Coin Frames

The proper coin frame must combine functionality with an eye-pleasing, attractive style.

For a whimsical gift idea, check out the Widow’s Mites display frame, with its parable from the gospel of Mark of the widow who gave all she had to Jesus. The frame includes the parable plus two genuine Widow’s Mites coins, and could be a fun addition to a kid’s coin collection!

Whether you’re looking for something for a casual hobby or need to stock up on essential coin collection supplies, Wizard Coin Supply is simply the most convenient one-stop shop for the best bargains in the industry.

Coin Display Frames for Functional Style

Sometimes the pursuit itself of the perfect coin leads to happiness, but others will tell you there is nothing like finding that gem you’ve been searching for, and choosing the proper coin display frame will remind you of your triumph for years to come.

Opt for an attractive frame you’ll be proud to have on your wall or desk, such as the striking leatherette NGC or PCGS slab frames with gold embossed detailing. With either of these selections you’ll know that your rare find will be kept safely housed and protected from the elements.

For a touching, heirloom-quality gift, choose a birth year display frame from the trusted Whitman coin company. This elegant, charming frame, in pink for girls or blue for boys, holds your child’s photograph as well as a mint set of coins from the year of birth, from U.S. cent to half-dollar. What a great gift for a child’s birthday or a baby shower!