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2005 Leather Redbook
$129.95 $110.49
2006 Leather Redbook
$129.95 $110.49
Grading Coins by Photographs
$19.95 $14.99
Making the Grade
$39.99 $28.99
Product is out of stock
Numismatic Forgery
$18.95 $15.19
The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of Shield and Liberty Head Nickels
$19.95 $14.99
Product is out of stock
Million Dollar Nickels
$26.95 $21.59
The Authoritative Reference on Buffalo Nickels
$35.95 $28.79
Product is out of stock

Wizard Coin Supply

Welcome to Wizard Coin Supply, your one-stop shop for all things numismatic. Our resident coin wizards are delighted to share their wisdom and love for the art of collecting coins with you. We want you to feel like you’re a kid in a candy store at Wizard. It’s easy, with our incredible assortment of wholesale coin supplies, selected after careful research and hands-on experience. Each item we sell is chosen both for its superior quality and its accessible pricing.

If there is a particular item you’re looking for, contact Razi, our resident coin supply wizard, if you can’t locate it at Wizard Coin Supply. We’ll do our very best to find it for you. We’re dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction, and we want your visit here to be an enjoyable facet of your numismatic experience.

Numismatic Supplies at Magically Low Prices

You won’t find a more complete selection of numismatic supplies than at Wizard Coin Supply. Whether you need a general coin book to determine the value of your newest coin, or an exacting scale for your work as a professional coin dealer, Wizard has got you covered.

We carry all of the leading brand names you trust, like Whitman, Harris, Dansco, Littleton, Capital Plastics, and more. Our entire inventory of numismatic supplies includes premium products that are designed specifically with coin preservation and safety in mind. For example, our Intercept Shield line of coin storage boxes boasts patented technology that effectively neutralizes the air surrounding your coins to prevent environmental damage. You can trust that your shopping choices at Wizard will ensure long-term quality care, storage, and display of your treasured collection.

Numismatic Accessories to Complement Your Collection

You don’t need to visit a separate site to find your numismatic accessories. We’ve got it all here at Wizard Coin Supply. You’re among kindred spirits here who understand the importance of finding just the right accessories to complement your coins. We understand that you’ve spent countless hours growing your treasured collection – of course you would apply the same exacting precision to your choices in accessories. Luckily, our products have passed our own test of high standards for coin storage and display.

Check out our selection of premium quality coin magnifiers and loupes, which allow you to study the fine details of your coins for hours on end. Don't forget about a durable coin album! Add a pair of coin tongs, coin calipers, and a fine set of white cotton coin handling gloves to round out your accessory equipment.