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Verdi-Care Coin Conservation Fluid

Advanced Verdi-Care Coin Conservation Fluid, a replacement for Verdi-Gone offers the coin connoisseur peace of mind. Verdi-Care's safe and effective formula is based on the latest coin preservation science. Verdi-Care coin conservation fluid removes verdigris without harsh chemicals and removes surface debris gently as it adds an invisible layer of protection. This coin conservation formula is designed to safeguard the original patina. You can erase light residues, verdigris and corrosion with this metal care products developed by a chemist. Verdi-Care conservation fluid gives collectors the option of conserving rather than cleaning. These unique formulas are part of our full line of coin chemicals.

Verdi-Care is the Smart Method of Verdigris Removal

Clear, odor-free and non-toxic Verdi-Care helps to restore and conserve a variety of copper coins. The non-irritating Verdi-Care action removes verdigris without harsh chemicals. That means no acids or cleaners touch your coin. It is designed to maintain the original patina of aged copper when used as directed. It can erase the greenish blue verdigris found on the coin’s surface. Verdi-Care acts as a valuable coin fluid for collectors who are experienced in preservation methods. If you have questions about using conservation products or testing supplies, be sure to contact us for assistance.

Extraordinary Verdi-Care Enhances the Luster of Metal Coins

Revolutionary chemical technology has provided the coin collector with Verdi-Care. It’s the amazing alternative to using oils and harsh solvents to remove debris from coins. Traditional oils and cleansers may harm coin surfaces. Luckily Verdi-Care, based on progressive coin conservation, can come to the rescue. It works on metal coins, including gold, silver, copper and brass. Maintain the original luster with Verdi-Care conservation and protection fluid. As it enhances luster, it will also help to prevent future corrosion.