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Bible Lore and the Eternal Flame


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The Parable of the Lost Coin. The widow’s mite. The coin in the fish’s mouth. Money has always played a major role in the Greatest Story Ever Told.

And thousands of years later, the coins and artifacts left behind continue to guide us to a greater understanding of ancient civilizations and Biblical truths.

In Bible Lore and the Eternal Flame, author Ken Bressett creates an archaeological roadmap of the Old and New Testaments, from the earliest cuneiform writing to pottery, oil lamps, glass—and, of course, money. The Roman denarius, the Tyrian shekel, the first coin to feature an image of Jesus, and hundreds of other coins help provide a glimpse into daily life and trade, starting with ancient Israel and continuing through Jesus’s lifetime to the early years of the Christian church.

With large, beautiful images and a sweeping tour of thousands of years of history, Bible Lore will delight the Biblical scholar, the coin collector, and anyone who wants to know more about the historical foundations of the Christian faith.

Binding: Hardcover
Edition: 1st
Publication Date: March 29, 2022
Size: 6 x 9.25
Pages: 224

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