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Gold Test Kit


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Gold Test Kit

With our gold-standard gold test kits, you’ll be able to ascertain the levels of the precious metal in your gold coins, bars or other items.

An essential aid, our gold test kits feature three test needles, at 10K, 14K, and 18K, three testing acids, and a genuine Arkansas gold touchstone. Housed in an attractive wooden box, you’ll have premium professional tools at your disposal.

We also suggest checking out our superlative selection of books on topics such as coin grading and coin price guides to help you in determining the value of your gold coins.

Test for Gold the Modern Way and Save your Teeth

There’s an easier way to test for real gold in your collection than by doing what prospectors did in the olden days – bite down on a nugget. With dental work being what it was back then, it was more a test of mettle than metal!

Modern technology is much more accurate – and easier on your bridge work. With our sophisticated testing tools, you’ll be able to determine with a high degree of accuracy the percentage and karat of the gold in your bullion items.

Gold test acids are used to determine the rate at which the targeted karat level dissolves in the acid, and the science involved is quite fascinating. If metal scratched onto a testing stone dissolves quickly, it means the metal is of a lower karat than the acid being used. If it does not dissolve in the acid, the metal is of the same karat level as the acid, and you’ve got your answer.

Whether you’re testing your gold bars, not gold but "golden" Presidential dollars, or other allegedly gold items, our gold test kits will keep you clued in about the metal value of your bullion.

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