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The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of Gold Eagle Coins


SKU: 1105302
MODEL: 0794848370
AUTHOR/EDITOR: Q. David Bowers
ISBN 13: 9780794848378
ISBN 10: 0794848370
EAN: 9780794848378
MADE IN: China
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Q. David Bowers brings his signature recipe of historical narrative, market analysis, and valuable advice for collectors and investors to the 24th volume in Whitman’s popular and award-winning Bowers Series of Official Red Books.  The $10 gold eagle coin, named for the national bird depicted on its reverse, was created in 1795 to be the foundation of America’s federal monetary system.

Used primarily in international and large-scale transactions—or melted for its gold content—in its own time, today the gold eagle entices collectors with its beauty, value, and colorful history, from gold rushes and the 1933 “bank holiday” to sunken treasures and the collections of a king.

Author Q. David Bowers dives deeply into that history in A Guide Book of Gold Eagle Coins, providing the political and economic backdrop for the gold eagle’s use throughout its lifespan. The second edition also features a wealth of up-to-date information for anyone who collects or appreciates $10 gold eagle coins, including full-color images, estimated surviving populations, recommended collecting grades, auction records, market values, buying advice, and commentaries on every coin from 1795 to 1933.


  • Foreword by Douglas Winter 
  • Preface 
  • Introduction 
  • Chapter 1: Overview of $10 Gold Coins 
  • Chapter 2: Mints and Minting 
  • Chapter 3: Proofs for Collectors 
  • Chapter 4: Circulation and Distribution of Eagles 
  • Chapter 5: Eagles on the Numismatic Scene 
  • Chapter 6: Collecting $10 Gold Coins 
  • Chapter 7: Using This Book to Understand the Market 
  • Chapter 8: Early $10 Gold Coins, 1795–1804 
  • Chapter 9: Liberty Head $10 Gold Coins, 1838–1907 
  • Chapter 10: Indian Head $10 Gold Coins, 1907–1933 
  • Appendix A: Mintage Totals of $10 Gold Goins 
  • Appendix B: Selected Pricing Catalogs 
  • Appendix C: Eagles in the National Numismatic Collection 
  • Appendix D: $10 Gold Coins from Treasure Finds
  • Appendix E: $10 Gold Coins in the King Farouk Collection
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2nd
Publication Date: March 2, 2021
Size: 6x9
Pages: 440

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