Krause Books

U.S. Coin Digest
$18.99 $14.49
U.S Coins Close Up
$17.99 $13.49
Crime of 1873: the Comstock Connection
$34.95 $26.21
Warman's Modern U.S. Coin Field Guide
$14.99 $11.25
Top 50 Most Popular Modern Coins
$14.99 $11.24
Liquidating an Estate
$18.99 $14.99
The Instant Coin Collector
$16.99 $12.99
Warman's Coins & Paper Money
$24.99 $24.99
Warman's Companion: US Coins & Currency
$18.99 $18.99
Warman's U.S. Coin Collecting
$15.99 $11.99
One Coin is Never Enough
$24.99 $18.75
Profitable Coin Collecting
$19.99 $19.99
Rare Coin Investing
$24.99 $18.75
Strike it Rich with Pocket Change
$19.99 $14.99
Confederate States Paper Money
$29.99 $22.49

Krause Books

The world’s largest coin publisher brings you Krause Books featuring expert authors and up-to-date information. Krause publishes the famous Standard Catalog books that rank as respected reference tools for anyone collecting coins and paper money. A standard catalog of world paper money can cover more than 200 countries and thousands of listings. Krause’s must-have coin catalogs are revised regularly to deliver background information, vivid photos and illustrations, pricing histories and market values. With Krause books as resources, collectors gain enhanced enjoyment and profitability from their collections. Hobbyists learn coin histories and the backgrounds behind unique coinage. By ordering from Wizard Coin Supply, you can own world and U.S. coin books, as well as paper money books, at sensational savings. Krause is a dominant coin book publisher and we have an extensive selection of these enlightening and instructive publications. To learn about coins, order our books, and to see your collection in detail, select one of our coin microscopes.

Comprehensive Krause Coin Books for Collectors, Dealers and Investors

Turn to us, your reliable online source for Krause Coin Books that are published for the collector, investor and dealer. Rely on comprehensive coin guides with tens of thousands of coin listings and thousands of illustrations and photos. Our Krause price guides are the coin books you’ll want as you determine values and current pricing. Shop for books based on a time period or country. If you have a specialized interest, such as ancient or European coins, Krause has you covered. Krause coin books supply the information you need to buy and sell coins, collect gold coins, research errors, or prepare for investments. Our publications by notable experts can help make a pastime profitable. When it’s time to display new acquisitions, see our attractive display cases.